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Guinea Pigs – Bedding
Doctor Matt Bechtel, DVM
Fox Creek Veterinary Hospital

Well hello again. Thank you for checking in to our next Guinea Pig video here at Fox Creek Veterinary Hospital.

We have snowflake again with us if you saw the video on diet. If not, I’d suggest checking that one out.

Today I’d like to talk to you just really quickly about bedding and housing with Guinea Pigs.

So, one of the most common questions that we have is what’s the proper bedding to use for a Guinea Pig. There are so many options out there. I did bring a couple of examples here. I don’t have Snowflakes actual huge house with us here today.

Some of the bedding that you can use that you’ll see at pet stones would be shavings; which this is an example of Aspen type shaving here which is very common. Pine shavings are also very commonly used. Those two are very, very safe which are the natural wood-type bedding that you can use. Cedar is one that we do not recommend. Cedar can irritate Guinea Pigs quite a bit and it’s just not recommended due to the oils, you know, that are in it. So, wood shavings such as Pine or Aspen are very commonly used. They are very absorbent and can help with the urine, absorbing the urine of Guinea Pigs. Another one that I have here that’s very safe and commonly used is kind of like a recycled paper or one of the name brands is CareFresh. This is a good example of what we commonly use with a lot of the Guinea Pigs. Again it does help to absorb the urine and most importantly can keep them healthy. It keeps the urine away from their feet.

One of the problems that we see with Guinea Pigs that have a very dirty cage is something called Bumblefoot where they get sores on their feet, and that actually can make them quite uncomfortable. And it’s very difficult to treat. So, proper cleaning of the cage is very important.

As you may know if you have a Guinea Pig they drink a lot of water. Therefore, they do urinate a lot. And with that, that requires cleaning the cage very often. I recommend at least once a week; if not, twice a week is even better t completely removed all the wet shavings and then go ahead, at least once a week, like I said get the entire cage cleaned out. There’s different ways that you can clean the plastic of the cage, or whatever you have as the base, with vinegar and water, you know to make it nice and clean for them. Like I said the savings and the CareFresh will work out great for that.

We have people that also us fleece, so you can use, like blankets of fleece on the bottom of the cage. And these are great because they actually absorb a lot of the urine, and then you can also wash that.  You can just take it right out of the cage, wash it, and then put it back in right after you’re done cleaning. And that’s also very safe. You just have to clean it more often.

That’s just some general information on the bedding and housing of Guinea Pigs. We’ll have more videos talking about the cages, the size of Guinea Pigs and then some other great videos that will help you out even more. So, stay tuned. Thank you for checking in.