Dog Training Options at Fox Creek

Training Philosophy

Our goal with Dog Training is to bring dogs and their owners closer together through positive reinforcement, exercise, and play. Our Training plans are scientifically formulated to support quality communication and long lasting knowledge.

We are proud to introduce our Lodge and Learn program specifically geared to pair your dog with one of our expert Dog Trainers and work on problem solving behaviors like barking, chewing, basic manners, jumping, crate training, puppy manners, and more!

Dog Training
Mon-Fri: 8AM-8PM

Play + Train

The best of both worlds! Enjoy playing with friends in Daycare with added sessions of 1-on-1 with our Professional Dog Trainer.

*Must pass Daycare Evaluation*

Single Day
5-Day Package
10-Day Packag

Day Training

This program is geared to focus to specifically on training. Your dog will work on a training plan designed just for you by our Professional Dog y Trainer!

Single Day
5-Day Package
10-Day Packag

Puppy Headstart

This program is geared for puppies 8 weeks – 6 months and focuses on socializing, confidence building, and building foundation skills for a well rounded dog.

Single Day
5-Day Package
10-Day Packag

Lodge + Learn

For more specialized training needs, we have our Lodge & Learn program. This is where your dog will stay with us for a minimum of 5 days to reach training goals and skills.

*5-night stay minimum*

Cost of boarding