Geriatric Care

We recognize the unique needs of animals throughout various stages of their lives, including their golden years. Thanks to better care, pets are living longer now than they ever have before but as pets get older, they need extra care and attention. We strive to provide the best senior care in order to maximize your pet’s quality of life.

At Fox Creek Veterinary Hospital, we recommend annual senior blood work and urinalysis testing in addition to a thorough yearly wellness exam. During this examination, our veterinarians can discuss common concerns with older pets such as behavior changes, limping or trouble walking, heart or respiratory changes, different nutritional needs, skin changes, dental disorders, and even evaluate any new lumps and bumps.

For those pets with heart issues, we offer cardiac consultation, including blood pressure monitoring, diagnostic imaging, and an EKG review by a board-certified cardiologist. For the pets with arthritis we can take X-rays and provide recommendations for surgical, medical, or nutritional intervention to keep them moving comfortably as long as possible. For pets with masses, we offer tumor staging, ultrasonography by a board certified radiologist, surgery, chemotherapy, and, if needed, referral to specialty centers for ongoing oncology care.

Whatever your pet’s specific issue, we will work with you to help maximize his or her quality of life. We provide end-of-life consultation, and when the time comes, we offer humane, compassionate euthanasia both at our hospital and via house call, with the option for private cremation of your best friend’s remains.

For more information you can check out this link or give us a call at 636-458-6569.