Meet Our Team

Dr. Stuart M. Robson

Veterinarian, DVM

Dr. Robson graduated from Kansas State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1996. That same year he married his wife Jennifer and they moved to St. Louis to work for a mixed animal veterinary hospital. In October 2000, he started Robson Veterinary Hospital.

In 2006 the practice moved to its current location at Fox Creek and Highway 100 in Wildwood, Missouri and he changed the name to Fox Creek Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Robson enjoys riding and racing bikes in his free time. His favorite thing about practicing veterinary medicine is helping animals live happier and healthier lives.

Dr. Shanna Nelson

Associate Veterinarian, DVM (Equine & Small Animal)

I grew up in southwest Missouri, went to Drury University for undergrad and the University of Missouri for vet school, and then did an internship near Kansas City at an equine referral practice before coming to Fox Creek. I started riding horses at a young age and became interested in their keeping and medical care as a result. I love being an advocate for the patient and helping the animal to live its happiest, healthiest life while managing the expectations and concerns of the owner.

I am a member of the AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners) and I have a research background accrued as a veterinary student (two studies regarding the endocrinopathic mechanism of laminitis and the patterns of naturally-occurring compensatory lameness). My awards include previous prestigious scholarships from the AAEP, AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association), Phi Zeta Veterinary Honor Society, ACVIM (American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine), and the Gentle Doctor award. My passions include preventative medicine and general animal welfare/husbandry to improve the human/animal bond.

My family consists of my fiancé, Jeremie, is a research scientist. Together, we have a dog, Dobie; three cats, Ophelia, Xena, and Gaia; two guinea pigs, Atlas and Chronos; and a chinchilla, Petra. I also have two horses named Brandy and Bones.

In my free time I enjoy music, creating artwork, hiking, and exploring.


Dr. Rebecca Nichols

Associate Veterinarian, DVM

Dr. Bob Nack

DVM, DIPL., ABVP – Canine and Feline Practice (General Medicine)

Dr. Melissa Georgevitch

Doctor of Chiropractic, IVCA Certified

Dr. Georgevitch started at Fox Creek Veterinary Hospital in 2009, working part time as an assistant. She graduated from Logan University in August 2016 as a Chiropractor. From there, she decided that she needed to fulfill her passion for animals, and pursued an additional certification at Options for Animals in Wellsville, Kansas. The course consisted of 210 hours of instruction and hands on learning for animal chiropractic, working with both small and large animals. She then became certified through the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA).

Dr. Georgevitch has always had a passion for animals. Her family has a farm where they raise cattle, have horses and 4 dogs. Dr. Georgevitch knew that being able to communicate and treat animals with chiropractic care could have a positive effect on many pets’ health, in conjunction with regular veterinary care, creating a special bond with each animal.

Jessica, MS, RVT, CVPM.

Hospital Administrator

I have enjoyed working in multiple areas of veterinary medicine for the past 14+ years ranging from small animal to equine as well as rescue and rehabilitation.

My husband and I have a Westie named Boomer, a Great Dane named Waylon, and two horses named Rooster and Hank. We also have 2 beautiful children! I look forward to meeting you and your pet family soon!


Pet Services Manager

My name is Taylor and I have been a part of the Fox Creek team since Feb 2020 in the role of Pet Services Manager.I made the big move to Gray Summit, MO in 2018 after residing in upstate NY since childhood, I love the weather and central location to everything being in the Midwest.

I have worked in the Boarding & Daycare industry since 2011 and have evaluated and consulted for many facilities across the country to improve their facility layout, staff structure, and pet care programs. I have been a Professional Dog Trainer since 2011 working with and taking classes from Cornell Veterinary School, CPDT, Fenzi Academy, Karen-Pryor Academy, Penn State Working Dogs and more. My passion led me to earn my degree in Animal Science from FLTCC. I have always enjoyed watching the bond that people create with their pets and helping in any way possible. My training philosophy has always been to make training as fun for owners and dogs as possible, you learn faster and behaviors are longer lasting if learned through play.

My house is shared with 10 dogs, a wonderful daughter, and a very understanding husband. I mostly having herding breeds; 4 Australian Shepherds that compete in performance sports, Blitz, Frankie, Oakley and Kiwi, then I have 3 Border Collies, Medic, Singe, and Arson, a poodle mix named Scribble, a sports bred mix named Tally-ho, and my heart and joy, a Dutch Shepherd mix named Firefox. My daughter also shows dogs in Junior Handlers Conformation and my husband competes in Disc Dog Events. Arson and Firefox are both multiple time Frisbee Dog World Finalists and have performed on the Incredible Dog Team.

I love showing my dogs in sports when I am not at work, I enjoy training and conquering a course, routine, or trick. We show, train and compete in herding, obedience, rally, conformation, lure coursing, disc dog, dock diving, and agility. My dogs have brought people into my life and taken me all across the country doing what we love. Ribbons, trophies, and titles are nothing compared to having fun with your best friend.

Crystal, RVT

Inventory & Compliance Manager

I have been at Fox Creek Veterinary Hospital since the opening day on January 6, 2006. I am a Registered Veterinary Technician, the Chief Compliance Officer and Inventory Manager. I grew up in Jefferson County and hopped over to Franklin County 20 years ago. I got into the industry 31 years ago when I started my first job as a kennel assistant and dog trainer. From there, I got a job at a small practice and haven’t left the vet field since. In my free time I love enoying the outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping and horseback riding.



I am a receptionist and have been working at Fox Creek Veterinary Hospital since June 2018. I moved here with my husband and children from Washington DC. My husband is from the St Louis area and we wanted to be closer to his family.

I began working in the veterinary industry because of my love for animals! My favorite thing is seeing all the different breeds and kinds of animals we take care of!

My husband Marque and I have 2 children: Kaiya and Taj. Our animal-family is made up of a Great Dane named Drogon, a Newfoundland named Ghost, a Bengal cat named Bao, 2 Sumatran Red Tail Boas named Mars and Kali, and 2 Blood Pythons named Mai and Tallulah! Outside of work I love spending time with my family, gardening, and traveling.



I started at Fox Creek Veterinary Hospital as a receptionist in May of 2020. I have worked in the Veterinary Business since 1976 in many positions: Hospital Administrator, Head Surgical Nurse, Head Tech and Head Receptionist. I was raised in an Air Force Family, and have lived in Missouri longer than anywhere else since my dad retired here.

I attended Florissant Valley Community College for 2 years majoring in business. My family veterinarian hired me and sent me to several major universities for night courses, which started my career. I’ve worked at 6 different veterinary locations with 4 different owners in the St. Louis County area.

I have also worked at Kohl’s Department Store in Ellisville and Manchester for 18 ½ years. I have two grown children, one grandson, and three cats: Nina, Cochise and Sea Lea. Outside of work I love to swim, do crafts and play with my grandson.



I am a receptionist and have been at Fox Creek since November 2019. I have an Associate’s degree in Office Administration and Technology and also Administrative Assistant. We bought a house in Pacific, September 2019. I was looking for a receptionist job and applied for the position. My favorite thing about working with the animals is seeing all the different pets and meeting their people that bring them in.

My family includes my husband (Scott) and our two boys (Aidan and Evan). We also have a cat named Tux and a Jack Russell named Jax. I enjoy reading and the outdoors. Traveling with my family and watching my husband do OCR.


I am a receptionist, and I have been a part of the team since June 2020. I grew up in the St. Louis area and just recently moved back after finishing my science of dietetics degree at Mizzou. I have worked in customer service since 2006, mostly in retail, and I love working closely with and helping clients.

My love for animals is what drew me to work in the veterinary industry, and getting to meet our clients’ furry family members every day brings a huge smile to my face!

Speaking of furry family members, I have a golden retriever named Belle, aka Bellie, who is very lively and sweet. Bellie loves diving into any body of water she can find. I also have Mr. T, a very sassy and high maintenance black and tan cat, who loves to cuddle. Mr. T and Belle definitely keep life interesting, and these two ensure that there is never a dull moment in everyday life. When I am not at work, I enjoy spending quality time with family, hiking with my dog, and traveling to Colorado to spend time in the snow.



Hello, I am an Assistant and Receptionist here at Fox Creek. I love horses, not only in my free time, but here at work, too! Hope to see you in our newly remodeled barn or on a farm call.


Hospital Chaplain


Technican, RVT





I have been a Technician at Fox Creek since July 1, 2020. I am currently enrolled in the Veterinary Technician Program at Penn Foster. I am excited to be a part of the veterinary industry I have always been passionate about animals and growing up I knew I wanted to be a voice for them. My family consists of my husband and two girls, Olivia and Amelia. I have two dogs, a German Shepherd mix, Adelaide, a shepherd mix named Tippy, a DSH cat named Lucy, and finally a bearded dragon named Orange Cassidy. In my free time I enjoy doing paint by numbers and all outdoor activities, I
absolutely love STL sport.



I have been a Technician at Fox Creek since July 2020. Graduated brown mackie college in 2015 with associates of applied science in veterinary technology. I was born and raised and still reside in Alton, Il. I have been looking to expand my knowledge and working with both small and large animals.

I have known I wanted to be in the veterinary field since I was a kid. My passion for animals started when I got my first dog and the love and joy he brought to me.

I have a beautiful family that consists of me, my significant other, Jesse, my two daughters and his daughter. I have two dogs, a mastiff mix, Mocha, a mastiff, Magnolia and 3 cats, Kitana, Raiden, and Izzy.

In my free time, I enjoy doing anything with my family. I love to swim, bowling, laser tag, other than that I’m a homebody.



I am veterinary technician. Fox Creek Veterinary Hospital made me part of the family in May of 2020. I was born in Kentucky. I have lived in Florida.

I received my AAS Degree in Veterinary Technology from Colby Community College in Colby Kansas in 2003. I was hired to a local emergency veterinary clinic directly out of school. The majority of my career has been emergency work. I plan on specializing in animal hospice in the near future.

I live with my husband and our terrier mix, Bella.




Veterinary Technician Assistant


Professional Dog Trainer

I joined Fox Creek Veterinary Hospital in early 2020 as a dog trainer. I grew up in Los Angeles, California. I got my first dog when I was twelve years old and found a passion in dog training. At fifteen years old I won my first World Championship in the sport of disc dog and at the age of eighteen I was offered an unique job as a traveling performer and dog trainer for stunt dog shows. Since then, I have traveled across North America with my dogs performing in front of millions, working with hundreds of dogs, and continuing my dog training education. I have attended seminars heard by some of the most successful dog trainers in the world, I am a certified Canine Conditioning and Fitness Trainer through the University of Tennessee, a certified Trick Dog Instructor, and A CGC Evaluator. After five years of traveling, teaching, and performing, I decided it was finally time to settle down. When I was looking for a place that was centrally located Missouri seemed like a great place to put down roots of my own.

I have always loved dog training, relationship building with animals and the challenges that come with that has always interested me. When I was in High School my goal was to be able to create prosthetics for injured and disabled animals so they could live a better quality of life. My goals and passions pushed me to graduate early and I went to college to major in Biomechanical Engineering. When I was a sophomore I left college to pursue a career in traveling, performance, and training. I found that the impact I made from showing people what dogs are capable of through relationship building and training was incredibly rewarding.

I currently own 10 dogs and a rabbit. My rabbit is a purebred New Zealand named Snickerdoodle who is being trained to do tricks for commercials. My dogs are mostly rescues and mixed breeds. Their names are Presto Change-o, Hocus Pocus, Wizard, Merlin, Tarot Card, Calypso, Hex, Hijack, WOAH!, and Chopstick. All together we live on eight acres of wooded land where we run and train all day, and sleep in bed all night.

My biggest achievement on paper is my World Championship win at the age of fifteen. However, personally I think my greatest achievement is building such an awesome pack of talented, well trained dogs. Our current goal is to work on more commercials, television shows, and photo ads. I always love seeing my dog’s faces on the big screen!


Professional Dog Trainer

I am a Professional Dog Trainer and I have been at Fox Creek for two months. I’m originally from Atlanta Georgia, my family moved to St. Louis in 2001. I graduated in 2016 from Oklahoma State University. Animals have always been in my life and I grew up riding and competing horses. I always loved helping the vet with my horses whenever they came to the farm.

I grew passionate about the care and rehab of horses and enjoyed watching them get stronger as they healed. That passion grew to other animals as I started rescuing kittens and wildlife, I was the kid that came home and asked “can we keep it?!”. I recently got married and on our honeymoon we rescued our dog Ellie Mae.

I also have two cats: Ming-Ming and Lilith who is known better as FatCat. Horses have always been my biggest passion but it doesn’t stop there; I want to be able to provide animals the best care and unconditional devotion that animals give to us. I look forward to working with all of our furry clients as well as learning and growing here at Fox Creek.


Lead Pet Care Specialist

My name is Anna and I am the lead pet care specialist on the fox creek team, I have been with fox creek for almost two years and have loved every minute of my time here! I just graduated high school and am currently working on my doctorate in forensic psychology. My love and passion for animals have led me to my job and the one on one time I get to spend with our boarders and get to know them personally is the best part of the job by far!

I come from a large family of 7 people and too many animals. with our cats(Fergus, Agnes, Corrie), dog (Sadie), hamster (Jimmy John) and chickens (Martha and the colonel) there is never a dull moment! When I’m not working I love to read, draw, hang out with friends, practice small circle jujitsu, Seizon jujitsu and learn new techniques from other arts. While veterinary medicine isn’t my career choice, I love to spend time in the clinic and get to know all of our patients and boarders to make sure their time at fox creek is as happy as can be


Lead Pet Care Specialist

I have been a Pet Care Specialist here at Fox Creek since May 2020. I graduated from Southeast Missouri State in May 2019 with my bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. Since then I have been living life freelancing and spending time with lots of doggies! I have lived in St. Louis my whole life where I grew up as an only child with my mom and dad and some dogs and other pets along the way.

My first job was at a dog kennel close to my childhood home where I worked for many years. I have always loved animals, dogs especially, and I wanted to continue to do what I loved but wanted something a little different, and that is how I ended up at Fox Creek! I love working with animals because everyone has its own personality and there is so much to learn about them. It has helped me in my personal life with owning my own dog. Now working at a vet I have learned so much more and everyday there is something new to experience or learn.

I currently live with my mom. We have a one-year old Yorkie named Roxy, who has the personality of about 10 dogs combined. I have always been a creative person and it has always been my passion. In the future I hope to be doing something creative with other things I am passionate about. Designing or creating in any kind of way, graphically, drawing, painting, or pinning ideas for my future house, wedding, etc. on Pinterest is what I am truly passionate about.


Pet Care Specialist


Pet Care Specialist

My position within the clinic is a Kennel Assistant, I have been here since May 2019. I graduated from Eureka High School in May of 2019 and am now working to get my associates degree at St. Louis Community College, Wildwood. I have grown up here living at home with my family. I started here as a Kennel Assistant because I am passionate about animals. I grew up with dogs, they’re my favorite animals so I wanted to help them in any way I could. My favorite thing about working with dogs is how different each one is and how much joy they bring people.  I truly enjoy working with animals, working here has taught me a lot more about how to handle them.

My family includes my mom, dad, and my younger sister. Along with my two dogs, Molly and Murphy. Molly is an 11 year old red boston terrier and Murphy is a 4 year old boxer pit-bull mix.

I obviously very much enjoy working with animals and dogs. I also have a passion for working with kids. I am currently in general studies, but want to study psychology or elementary education and become an elementary school teacher. I am passionate about helping others live their best possible lives and helping people see success.


Pet Care Specialist


Master Pet Stylist

Hi! My name is Joanna and I am the Groomer / Dog Groomer / Master Pet Stylist. I have been in the field for 20+ years. My favorite thing about my job is making our pets feel better and making clients happy about their pet. I began my career as a Registered Veterinary Technician and realized I needed a creative outlet in my life.

Knowing my passion for pet’s I knew I couldn’t go far from them. I was given an opportunity to learn grooming. With my technician experience and training it was the perfect fit for me! Helping the pets get the best of beauty and health!


Professional Pet Groomer


Clinic Cat

Hi! My name is Tony! I was born here at Fox Creek in Jan. 2006. I enjoy naps in our laundry room and I enjoy an occasional laser pointer party. I love my home and I get a lot of attention from my loving family! Please stop by sometime to pet me ?


Clinic Cat