Fox Creek Veterinary Hospital is excited to announce that we are now offering Pro-Stride therapy! Pro-Stride is the next generation of stall-side intra-synovial treatment for the management of osteoarthritis and synovial inflammation.

Traditional joint injections rely on steroids for their anti-inflammatory effect. While this remains a useful and common therapy, there are some negatives to intra-articular injection of steroids, including damage to underlying cartilage, risk of inducing laminitis, and increased chance of infection. These risks are small, but must be weighed against the advantages of injection.

A team member looking at an x-ray of a horse

IRAP (interleukin-1 receptor antagonistic protein) is another common agent used in joint injections. This is a product harvested from the horse’s own blood, which is incubated overnight, then frozen and used in a series of injections to reach the full benefit. IRAP is beneficial in that it is highly anti-inflammatory without the disadvantages of steroids, but is inconvenient and expensive due to the necessity of overnight processing and multiple injections.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is another therapy that is used most commonly in the treatment of soft tissue injuries. It is another blood-derived product, but one that can be processed immediately. It has anti-inflammatory effects, but also contains numerous growth factors that can speed up the healing process.

Pro-Stride is a novel, proprietary product that combines IRAP and PRP into one, stall-side, single-injection treatment–no incubation necessary. Blood is collected from your horse, processed in a series of highly controlled steps taking about 20 minutes, and then immediately injected back into the area of interest (joint, tendon sheath, or other). Reported results from Pro-Stride treatment compare its efficacy (anti-inflammatory effects, meaning reduced pain and better performance) to that of steroids, without the aforementioned risks of the latter. Horse owners have reported seeing beneficial effects from injection for as long as 12 months after treatment.

Give us a call at 636-458-6569 to discuss whether Pro-Stride is right for your horse. You may also view the manufacturer’s website for more details. Please note that Pro-Stride can also be used on dogs!