Equine Wellness Plans

By September 19, 2017

New for 2017 – Equine Wellness Plans!

Do you want assurance that your horse is receiving the best of veterinarian-recommended preventative care? Would you like to spread the cost of routine appointments out over a full year, rather than paying more substantial sums in the spring and fall? How about free exams and discounted emergency fees? Enroll your horse in one of our two wellness programs, and let us take some of the hassle out of horse care!

*Classified by the AAEP as risk-based vaccines. Horses enrolled in the Essential Plan receive a 10% discount on Strangles and Potomac Horse Fever vaccinations.

Our plans meet all medical requirements for Platinum Performance EQCO and SmartPak ColiCare reimbursement programs.

Please contact our office at 636-458-6569 for more details and pricing information.

The fine print:
The following are not included in our wellness plans.

  • Trip charges for ambulatory visits
  • More extensive diagnostics beyond examination
  • Any additional medications your horse may require
  • Additional vaccinations beyond the normal spring and fall shots
  • Emergency care aside from the discount on the emergency fee
  • Pre-purchase examination

Horses must be at least one year of age to enroll. The wellness plans are not insurance policies, and should not be considered as such. Rather, they take some of the worry out of equine health care, by allowing us to eliminate the guesswork from recommended routine care (we tell you what treatments your horse needs when) and by allowing you to divvy up the cost of your horse’s upkeep over more manageable monthly payments.